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Have you been wondering if there’s an easy way to keep track of the market and all its activity? Well, now there is with Viral Launch. This chrome extension gives a detailed market analysis for anything in existence – be it stocks or cryptocurrency. It even has voice-enabled alerts that let users know when something new happens related to their search terms.,

“Viral Launch Chrome Extension – Market Intelligence Review” is a chrome extension that allows users to search the internet for new products. It also has a feature that will notify you when a product you’ve been searching for goes on sale.

When you initially start out as an Amazon seller, the amount of aspects that must be considered at all times might seem overwhelming. Thankfully, technologies like the Viral Launch Chrome extension exist that make it simple to keep track of statistics, analytics, and numerous insights.

Some tools are combined into product suites for convenience and simplicity of use, guaranteeing that all of your Amazon seller tools may be utilized together without any compatibility difficulties or the requirement for a fragmented assortment. These product suites might provide you a big edge in Amazon selling since they give you a lot of information about your niche market.

What Does a Viral Launch Extension Mean?

Viral Launch claims an extensive product suite with a variety of options for both new and veteran Amazon merchants. Some of their solutions, such as the Chrome Extension for Market Intelligence, may be utilized directly in your browser and offer important data for your company.


Viral Launch’s tools contain a number of critical features that make it simple to get the relevant information to you. This contains tools that help you enhance profitability, develop a strong marketing plan, monitor your rivals’ activities, and more.

PPC Kinetic

One of Viral Launch’s key elements is their PPC Kinetic. What this tool does is give you a trifecta of important information that can help you make an informed decision regarding your sales strategy and maximize your income. It also gives you an analysis of your ad campaign as well as product performance across that campaign.

The PPC Kinetic allows you to set ad-specific actions, adjust or create new ad templates, and dictate the rules therein. Those rules can either be automatic or manually set, allowing you the flexibility to dictate your ad behavior.

Product Research


The Product Research tool does precisely what it sounds like it might do – allow you to find best-selling products in your niche and determine which niche is most advantageous to you and see crucial data about those products.

You can also use the Product Research Tracker feature in order to keep track of the niche data you’re most interested in. This allows you to appropriately evaluate and re-evaluate competition in your niche and determine where the demand in a given market lies.

Keyword Investigation

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is what gets your products seen by the right people. The Keyword Investigation tool Viral Launch offers allows you to determine which keywords will provide your products the best opportunity to be seen by potential customers and how those keywords perform and have performed historically.

Intelligence on competitors

If the above tools didn’t reassure you enough that you’ll be able to keep an eye on your competition and how to beat it in a given niche, Viral Launch’s Intelligence on competitors tool gives you a more in-depth look at the activity of your competitors. By just putting in a product’s ASIN, you’ll be able to look at your competitor’s most- and least-searched-for keywords.

Intelligence on competitors also monitors and estimates their sponsored ad rank, prices, feedback, indexation, and more. This allows you to tailor your information search to specific areas of your competitor’s performance. And if that wasn’t thorough enough, you can also set it up to send you notifications any time your competition has a significant change in price, sales, ad placement, and more.

Analyzer of Listings

Another element of Viral Launch, the Analyzer of Listings, delivers you a trifecta of tools that work together to give you insights about your product’s potential in the market. It includes a keyword manager, listing builder, and Analyzer of Listings that you can go through step-by-step to create better, more search engine optimized results.

Separate testing

Separate testing with tools like Splitly or Listing Dojo (also owned by Viral Launch)allows you to combine multiple efforts across the market into one effective result. You can use this tool to gain a comprehensive analysis on your product listings and how to make them more efficient, giving you detailed infographics and statistics. You’ll be able to test up to seven variations of pricing, images, titles, and descriptions so you can find out which one will be the best combination going forward.

Chrome Extension for Market Intelligence


One of the most exciting and adaptable parts of Viral Launch’s product package is its Market Intelligence tool. This tool, which is part of the Viral Launch Chrome Extension, provides a more hands-on approach to product research than previously offered. This browser-based application is quite beneficial in terms of how it operates to provide you with the most effective and efficient product research.


What is the role of the Viral Launch Market Intelligence Extension?

You may obtain a wealth of product data by utilizing the Viral Launch Chrome Extension to discover and capitalize on trends, analyze sales across niches, calculate expected expenditures and possible earnings, and provide you with accurate and complete sales predictions.

At first glance, the significance and scope of the Viral Launch Market Intelligence data may be unclear. Basic information displays beside the product when you initially search. However, if you go to the Detailed Statistics page, you’ll see a completely different tale.

The Market Intelligence plugin provides a breakdown of data that enables you to examine information from the top five, top ten, and page one results for a certain term. It then displays you averages for sales, pricing, and reviews, as well as what you should strive for if you want your product to appear in any of those three categories.

You may calculate how many freebies you need daily to rank in a specific category, the expected monthly sales at that rank, and the average number of reviews required to sell successfully at that rank using this data. When using the Viral Launch product suite to create the proper marketing strategy for your items, this information is vital.

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What Does a Viral Launch Cost?


Viral Launch has a range of goods and services, and you can choose from a variety of plans based on what you want to get out of the product suite. These payment options were created with diverse budgets and demands in mind, so you may take use of the capabilities featured at the right level for your company. You can also take advantage of our Viral Launch discount code or sign up for a free trial to try out the tools before making a final choice.


The Beginner Plan is great for people who are just getting started selling on Amazon or who aren’t quite ready to delve right into the Amazon seller tools. The Chrome Extension, Reverse ASIN Tool, Product Research system, and Product Finder are all available for $59 per month.


The Pro Plan is the next step up in Viral Launch’s product suite bundles and is ideal for those who already have a bit of experience selling on Amazon and are ready to take their business to the next level. For $99 per month, you’ll have access to everything included in the Beginner Plan as well as the Keyword Investigation, Listing Creation, and Listing Evaluation tools. With the Pro Plan, you’ll also be able to track up to 2,000 keywords at any given time.

Builder of Brands

The difference between the Pro Plan and the Builder of Brands is how much you can do with the Analyzer of Listings and how many keywords you can track. For $149 per month, you’ll have access to everything the Pro Plan offers with the following bonuses: with the Analyzer of Listings, your product count doubles from 50 to 100, and you can track 5,000 keywords instead of 2,000.


The Kinetic Plan is where you gain access to the PPC Kinetic sponsored ad management tool. At $249 per month, you’ll have access to everything listed above with the following bonuses: the allowance you’ll get for the Intelligence on competitors tool is increased to 250 products. If you select this plan, the annual plan will save you quite a bit of money, so keep that in mind if you’re going for the big guns here. If you want to learn more check out how Viral Launch compares with Jungle Scout.


Viral Launch is an enormous suite that provides you effective tools built by individuals with considerable expertise as Amazon sellers if you require a collection of powerful, interconnected solutions for your Amazon sales company. The Market Intelligence extension, in particular, is a useful tool for integrating your Amazon company and the tools you need to manage it directly in your browser.

When it comes to product research, competitor intelligence, and how to locate and optimize earnings in a certain niche, these tools are crucial. Viral Launch is a terrific product suite to explore in order to develop your company, whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned seller. Don’t forget to read our complete Viral Launch Review to discover more about the excellent suite of tools they give for Amazon FBA sellers.

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