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The word suppressed is used to describe something that has been prohibited or censored. In order for an item to be listed on Amazon, the seller must provide proof of the product’s authenticity and it has not been recalled from any company stores. The process can take as little as 24 hours, but if a seller does not have this evidence in their possession then they will see a “suppressed” or “not available for sale” message when trying to list their items.,

The “search suppressed amazon product description” is a term that Amazon uses to describe products that are not currently available for sale on the website. These items can be found by searching for them in their search engine.

You’ve come to the correct spot if your Amazon listing has been suppressed.

We understand the anguish of a hidden listing. Those who are unfamiliar with Amazon’s Seller Central may find it surprising at first. But don’t worry, we’ll assist you in finding a solution to this problem.

If you’re seeing a significant decline in orders, have a look at your product listing. Your Amazon sales may suffer as a result of a suppressed listing.

You may have observed, for example, that orders have abruptly ceased coming in at some point. You can’t seem to find out why it occurred no matter what you do.

The issue is almost often caused by a suppressed listing. In such scenario, you could try to verify your inventory on your seller central account.

A product listing might be hidden for a variety of reasons. All of those factors will be discussed today. But, before we go into how to fix this problem, let’s define what a suppressed listing is.

What is the definition of a suppressed listing?


You must list all of your items on the e-commerce platform if you want to sell them on Amazon.

The listing procedure is straightforward, but if you fail to match Amazon’s requirements, your item may be removed. Your product will not appear in Amazon’s search results if it has been suppressed. 

Simply stated, it signifies that your listing has been disabled. And that isn’t really pleasant. However, after you’ve recovered from your first shock, you’ll see that you can swiftly correct this blunder.

Sometimes you could forget to provide essential information; other times, it might be a major problem. In any case, these mistakes may be resolved. When you join Amazon as a seller, you have access to Seller Central. It’s a separate website where vendors may list all of their items on Amazon.

A product listing is produced when all of the product information are entered and published. As a vendor, you may be aware that entering data is an easy task. Filling up these facts is typically not a problem for sellers.

You may need to add the title, descriptions, and photographs, among other things. Isn’t that simple? That isn’t always the case, however. 

Sometimes it’s a problem with the length of the title; other times, it’s a problem with the picture quality. Amazon may remove your listings for a variety of reasons.

And until these faults are resolved, Amazon will limit the exposure of your goods.

In the search tabs, your prospective clients will not be able to discover your items. And you don’t want it to happen. As you may expect, some sellers lose a lot of money owing to a suppressed listing.

Typically, the cause for a deleted listing is minor. Understanding Amazon’s product listing guidelines is necessary to comprehend the reason for the suppression. Let’s look at the reasons why Amazon could remove a listing.

Suppressed Listing Causes

Selling has never been simpler thanks to Amazon. All of the guidelines listed may be found on Seller Central’s help sites.

However, breaking even one regulation might result in your product listing being removed. The methods may seem little at times, but they have a significant impact on search results. That is why you must adhere to them to the letter.

When it comes to developing product listings, most merchants have some issues. It’s also possible that the listing will be muted after it’s been established.

Here are some of the possible reasons why Amazon removed your product listing.

Errors in Titles

For Amazon titles, there is a character restriction. Furthermore, each product category has its own character restriction.

Some categories, for example, demand 80 characters (including spaces), whilst others allow 200 characters (including spaces). Your listing may be banned if your title exceeds any of these criteria.

Use of Marketing Phrases


You cannot use any promotional terms while adding a product on Amazon. “Best Product,” “Top-Rated,” and similar phrases should not appear in your title.

You can’t even put these words in your photos. You must immediately erase any of these terms if you have used them. The usage of such phrases is expressly prohibited under Amazon’s standards.

Image Problems

Your things must be shot against a white backdrop. Make sure your items cover 85 percent of the photograph when you upload it to your product listing.

Sellers that do not provide a picture of their items in their listing will have it removed. Your product listing will be in jeopardy if you fail to meet any of the rules.

Item that is not for sale 

Several goods are prohibited from sale on Amazon. To begin, determine whether your product fits into any of these categories.

If this is the case, Amazon will permanently remove your product listing.

Incorrect Product Information

You must enter in a lot of information while listing your items. UPC, ASI, barcodes, and other information must be put to the page.

You could neglect to put in some important facts at times. In such instance, Amazon will remove your goods from the marketplace.

Amazon’s Policy has been broken.

As an Amazon seller, you must adhere to a number of policies.

Amazon will temporarily restrict your items if you do not follow any of the rules. As a result, make sure you adhere to all of Amazon’s policies.

Complaints about consumer safety


Customers may complain about the quality and safety of your items at times. Your listing will be banned if Amazon gets too many complaints.

As a result, you must ensure that all of your items are up to par. If your items cause injury, Amazon will suspend your seller account permanently.

Counterfeit Products for Sale

If Amazon suspects you of selling a counterfeit goods, your listing will be removed.

When it comes to counterfeit items, the brand is quite strict. Make sure you provide adequate evidence to Amazon that your things are genuine.

Buying and selling used or expired goods

When Amazon has a reason to believe that you are Buying and selling used or expired goods, it will block your item. A suppressed listing can do significant damage to your sales.

Check to see whether your items have been used or have expired. Amazon considers this to be a major issue. As a vendor, you risk being permanently barred.

Now that we’ve discussed why a listing could be suppressed, we’ll look at how to restore it.

How to Resolve This Problem


It’s simpler than you think to fix a listing problem. All you have to do is follow a few simple instructions.

Let’s have a look at a step-by-step procedure for doing so.

Log in to your Seller Central account first.

Step 2: Under the inventory tab, press the ‘Manage Inventory Button.’

Step 3: On the side, if your listing is suppressed, you’ll notice a Suppressed Button. None of your listings are suppressed if you don’t see that button.

Step 4: Select the goods that need to be corrected by clicking the suppressed button. You may go through each one individually.

Step 5: Some problems are connected to images, while others are related to titles. Many errors may appear on the website. Continue to address all of Amazon’s concerns.

Step 6: Once all of the problems on the Product Page have been corrected, click ‘Save.’

Amazon has made resolution tools available to its merchants. On one page, you can view all of the product errors. All you have to do now is correct each error one by one. Your items will be restored on Amazon after you address these errors and change your listing.


If you’re a seller, ensure sure all of your product information complies with Amazon’s requirements.

And we all know how strict Amazon is with these guidelines. And with good reason!

Customer happiness is, after all, Amazon’s core purpose. The rules have been established to provide a pleasant online purchasing experience. 

When your listing violates Amazon’s regulations, it has an impact on the buyer’s experience. And Amazon is determined to avoid this at all costs.

Failure to follow their rules will have a big negative impact on your firm. That is exactly what a suppressed listing will do. Customers will be unable to purchase your items because they cannot see them.

Amazon is responsible for 60 percent of all product searches worldwide. So now you know how powerful Amazon is in the e-commerce business.

The good news is that if you follow the easy instructions, Amazon will include your items in the search results. It occurs because Amazon employs effective search engine optimization tactics. These recommendations ensure that your items are well-optimized. 

Everyone benefits from this circumstance. You can ensure that your items obtain exceptional exposure by following Amazon’s regulations!

So make sure you follow the rules to avoid having your product listing removed. And if it does, you can correct it with a few easy actions!


The “amazon listing suppressed images” is a term that can be found on Amazon. It means that the product has been removed from the search results for some reason. The term is not always an indication that there is something wrong with the product, but it does indicate that it might have been removed due to being out of stock or because of other reasons.

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