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One of the most important concepts for Amazon sellers is their sales rank. This number can be a key factor in how well your products sell and whether or not you have a higher chance at successfully ranking on some highly competitive keywords. Sales rank is determined by the amount of people who bought an item recently, with one being first place, ten being tenth place, and so on. A lower number means more buyers are interested in buying items from that particular product which helps to increase its chances at becoming popular among consumers as it becomes more valuable to them too!

The “what is a good amazon sales rank for books” is a question that has been asked before. The Amazon Sales Rank is the number of units sold on Amazon in a specific time period, and it can be used to compare how well different products are selling.

What Does An Amazon Sales Rank Mean?

Getting a strong Amazon sales rank is one of the greatest strategies to get your items recognized on Amazon.

I’ll start with the fundamentals for those who haven’t heard of it before.

The Amazon sales rank, often known as the Best Seller Rank or BSR, is a useful tool for estimating product demand. The lower this number, the higher the position.

The higher the ranking, the more likely the product will appear on Amazon’s bestselling pages.

Best Seller Pages on Amazon

On Best Seller Pages on Amazon, they list 100 best selling items in each category and in its subcategories.

On the first page, however, just the top 50 things display. And if a buyer sees some great things on the first page, they’re less inclined to proceed to the second. As a result, being in the top 50 for your subcategory is a major plus.


(Some schools of thought recommend that you strive for an Amazon best seller rank of 1, 2, or 3.) However, we believe that isn’t essential.)

A picture of the product, the first few words you provided as a title, the average Amazon rating, and the price will all be shown on these bestselling sites.

So, if you’ve made it to the top of the bestseller list for your product category, you still have to fight to persuade prospective buyers to purchase your item. If you haven’t previously done so.

Because these bestselling sites are changed hourly, if your items are in a competitive market, you can see them on these pages one minute and then disappear the next.


How A Prospective Customer Learns About Your Product

However, not everyone who uses Amazon to search for items immediately goes to the Best Seller site. Instead, customers will often utilize the search box to look for certain phrases.

Customers like this strategy since it should bring up precisely what they’re searching for, not only in terms of what goods they want, but also in terms of what attributes they want in that product.


They even prefer this strategy over clicking on several category heads until they reach the product subcategory they want.

Yes, a high Amazon sales rank enhances the likelihood of your product appearing on the first page of search results for those keywords. However, your product’s best seller rank is not listed on this search results page.

The goods are not always placed in order of their BSR.

Only one product on the page will be clearly labeled as a Bestseller when this search results appears. And in order to do so, a product must be the best-selling product in that category or phrase. 

It’s vital to remember, however, that once a consumer has found the product they’re searching for, they’re likely to go right to the filter choices.

The search results may then be filtered by average customer ratings, low price to high price, or high price to low price.

This provides you with another another chance to differentiate your goods from the competition. Customers may believe they don’t need to seek elsewhere if your product is the lowest. Customer ratings are the same way.

On the product page, the best seller rank is shown.

On each product’s page, most Amazon sellers usually provide information regarding the product’s sale. The weight, measurements, the date the product was originally made available on Amazon, and the best seller rank are usually included.

When a prospective buyer arrives at your product’s website, they are more likely to be influenced by how effectively you showcase the product than by the best seller rank. This little piece of information is often overlooked by prospective clients. 


It’s important to note at this point that while some products can fit into very wide and broad categories, such as Health & Household, or Sports & Outdoors, it is actually ranking in the various subcategories that will boost your product’s presence most effectively.

While your product may be one in a long line of say Sports & Outdoor products, it may be the very top product in the category of Golf Rangefinders, for example. 

As a result, it’s essential to think carefully about your product’s subcategories and keywords.

Remember that placing your goods in more than one subcategory is entirely acceptable. A 2-in-1 laptop, for example, may be classified as both a laptop and a 2-in-1 laptop.

You may change your category and subcategories whenever you want, and you can experiment to see which selections get the greatest results.

How Do You Calculate An Amazon Sales Rank?


The specific technique for determining Amazon sales rank is still unknown. This, we believe, is a positive thing since it discourages individuals from exploiting the system.

The number of times a product is sold via Amazon, however, is the most important criterion in determining an Amazon sales rank.

This covers both current sales increases and sales from the past. 

However, we’ve discovered that other criteria are considered to a lesser amount. A history of clicks to your product page, historical keyword ranking value, product inventory level, product rating, and if you pay for Amazon sponsored advertisements are all examples.

Is a high Amazon sales rank really necessary?

As previously said, a high Amazon sales rank may assist prospective buyers find your product page. Customers, on the other hand, do not always begin their search for a product on the Best Seller pages.


This is why include relevant keywords in your product title might assist your product appear when a prospective consumer searches for such terms. And in many cases, this is more crucial than the product’s actual best seller ranking.

However, the BSR is far from the only criterion worth investigating. The top selling sites on Amazon also keep track of the most popular things. This is an excellent technique to promote high-end, pricey goods.

Similarly, Amazon has sites that display the newest arrivals in each category, which is useful for items with a short lifetime or sectors with rapid changes and developments.

How to Improve Your Amazon Sales Ranking


One of the more effective How to Improve Your Amazon Sales Ranking is to advertise on Amazon.

However, this is far from the only option. By conducting more promotion in general, you may enhance the odds of a prospective buyer arriving on your product page. If you have a website, promote it there as well as on social media.

You may also improve your product’s keywords, like we suggested previously.

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Wrap Up

To summarize, if you want your product to appear on the bestselling lists, you need have it listed with an Amazon Best Seller Rank of 1 to 50. Anything beyond 100 will be useless in this sense.

However, in order for clients to locate your goods while searching for relevant keywords, you must optimize the keywords in the title.

Keep in mind that Amazon is a very competitive marketplace for selling things. If Amazon is your sole store, you’ll have to work extra hard to keep your goods in the spotlight.


The “how to find amazon sales rank” is a question that is asked often. The Amazon Sales Rank is the number of people who have bought an item, divided by the total number of people who have looked at it.

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