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In order to incentivize users to share Amazon’s products, the company charges a commission fee for each referral. The fee varies depending on whether you’re referring your friends or strangers – but it can be substantial!

The “amazon referral fee calculator” is a website that will help you figure out the amount of money that you can make by referring friends to Amazon.

When calculating and analyzing your expenses and profit on Amazon, it’s critical to understand the many sorts of fees involved with transactions. 

The Amazon referral fee, which applies to every single sale, is one of the most crucial costs to remember. But what does this imply in practice? 

In a nutshell, the referral fee is a fee that Amazon charges you every time you sell a product on their website. This charge is calculated as a percentage of the entire sales price and is usually approximately 15%. 

It’s important to note that this proportion varies based on the product category. For example, it may dip as low as 8% for things like PCs before rising to over 45 percent for Amazon Device Accessories.    

This tutorial will go over everything you need to know about the Amazon referral fee, including how it’s calculated, who pays it, and what happens when a discount coupon is used. We’ll also try to address some of the most common queries on the subject. 


Is It Fair For Amazon To Charge A Fee For Referrals? 

The great majority of customers recognize and respect Amazon’s right to charge a little referral fee.

For example, if you encourage a buddy to purchase a property from someone you know, it’s normal to demand a “referral fee” in exchange for introducing your friend to the seller in the first place. It’s almost like I’m being paid. 

This works in the same way as the Amazon Referral Fee, however instead of homes, it’s Amazon merchandise. 

Because the prominent and well-respected Amazon platform is bringing thousands of buyers to your items, it’s only fair that they may charge a tiny referral fee for their part in the transaction. 

Consider that for a moment. If you were to sell your items via your own independent website, you’d almost certainly need to invest a large amount of money (up to $10,000) in marketing before generating any type of meaningful return. 

Instead, unlike the great majority of ecommerce systems, Amazon enables you to get outcomes far quicker. 

How Is The Fee Determined? 


Amazon calculates the referral fee by taking a percentage of the total price paid by the consumer. Typically, this amount is 15%. So, if you’re selling a $150 product but decide to run a $120 deal, Amazon will compute the referral fee based on $120, not $150. 

Is A Referral Fee Required For Everyone? 

Everyone must pay the Amazon referral fee, regardless of account or fulfillment type. This is true whether you have a professional or individual selling strategy. 

If you have an individual seller account, you will be charged a For those who own an individual seller account, you’ll have to pay a fixed closing fee of $0.99 for every item you sell. This fixed closing fee is in addition to the referral fee..99 closing fee for each item you sell. In addition to the referral fee, there is a predetermined closing charge. 

A professional selling plan, on the other hand, costs $39.99 each month. While this may seem to be a significant sum of money, with a professional seller account, you will not be required to pay a set closing charge.

You also get access to sophisticated seller tools and insights with a professional selling strategy. 

So, after you’ve sold at least 40 products per month on Amazon, it’s a good idea to change to a professional selling plan since you’ll save a lot of money on fees and have access to features like management tools and volume listing. 

Regardless matter whether you’re selling FBM (fulfilled by merchant) or FBA (fulfilled by Amazon), you must pay the referral fee for shipping and delivery (fulfilled by Amazon). 

As a result, if you’re completing orders for your item sales FBM, the total referral fee is a percentage of the item price plus the shipping cost. 

If you sell a $20 Star Wars miniature and charge your buyers $3.50 for shipping, your ultimate referral fee will be 15% of $20 + $3.50 ($3.53). 

Is There A Minimum Fee For Referrals? 

If the ultimate referral fee for the product you’re selling is less than If the price of the product you’re selling is so low that the final referral fee ends up below $0.30, Amazon will charge you a minimum $0.30 referral fee..30, Amazon will charge you a minimum referral fee of If the price of the product you’re selling is so low that the final referral fee ends up below $0.30, Amazon will charge you a minimum $0.30 referral fee..30. 

Consider the $1.40 you’re asking for a collectible soccer card. Because of Amazon’s regulation, you’d have to pay a minimum referral charge of Take for example, a collectable soccer card that you’re selling for $1.40. While the standard referral fee calculates to just $0.21, you’d have to pay a minimum referral fee of $0.30 because of Amazon’s policy..30, even if the typical referral price is just Take for example, a collectable soccer card that you’re selling for $1.40. While the standard referral fee calculates to just $0.21, you’d have to pay a minimum referral fee of $0.30 because of Amazon’s policy..21. 

It’s worth mentioning that Amazon’s minimum referral charge is applied per-item, so you’ll have to pay the It’s worth noting that Amazon applies their minimum referral fee on a per-item basis, so whichever category your product falls into, you’ll have to pay the $0.30 fee..30 fee regardless of whatever category your goods fits into. 

What About Discount Coupons And Claim Codes? 

The Amazon referral fee will be based on a percentage of the sale price, not the initial full price, if you’re selling your item at a discount so the consumer may key in a “claim” code at checkout for a discounted price.

Consider the following scenario: you’re selling a brand new hairbrush for $30. In most cases, your referral fee is 15% of the selling price ($30). If you provide a 50% discount, however, your consumers may use a claim code at checkout to acquire the hairbrush for $15 instead. 

As a consequence, you’ll only have to pay a $2.25 referral fee, which is 15% of the $15 purchase price. 

Questions Frequently Asked

If a product is returned, what happens to the referral fee? 

This is entirely dependent on the merchandise being returned to you. If it’s a non-media item, Amazon usually returns 80% of the cost paid, plus any additional fees up to $5. 

If the item being returned is a media product, however, you will get a full refund of all costs. Remember that this refund may not include the On the other hand, if the item being returned is a media product, you’ll receive a full refund of all your fees. Just keep in mind that this refund may not include $0.99 individual seller fee..99 individual seller charge. 

How Do I Pay An Amazon Referral Fee? 

To make things even simpler, Amazon deducts referral payments automatically, eliminating the need for you to manually handle anything. 

Is It Legal To Pay A Referral Fee? 

Referral fees are similar to commissions in that they are payments made by a product seller to third parties in exchange for referring clients and advocating their services. These fees are lawful since they are an important element of many organizations’ and companies’ marketing strategies. 

Do Referral Fees Go Up Or Down Over Time? 

Every year, all Amazon fees, not only referral fees, might grow or fall. If there is a change, you should be notified at least a few months ahead of time, and this information may also be found in your Amazon Seller Central account. 

What Is The Best Way To Avoid The Amazon Referral Fee? 

While you won’t be able to completely avoid the Amazon referral charge, you may be careful about the things you sell on Amazon.

Many individuals, for example, opt to sell things on Amazon that have a low referral cost while selling items on eBay that have a larger referral fee. 

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The “amazon commission rates” are the percentage of each sale that Amazon will take from a referral. The fee varies depending on the product, and is usually between six to eight percent.

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