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In the future, people will be able to purchase health insurance for their pets. That is if ZonGuru can deliver on its promise of giving pet owners access to a comprehensive database that would allow them to choose from an array of veterinary care options and stay in touch with veterinarians 24/7.

ZonGuru is a service that offers a breakdown of features and pricing. It also provides an overview of the company’s services, as well as contact information for customer support.

If Amazon sellers want to keep their companies growing, they must remain on top of a lot of information. Market trends shift often, and potential purchasers’ wants and interests shift as well.

Fortunately, a number of new software applications have entered the business sector to assist company owners and Amazon sellers in doing market research. This is it – the ZonGuru Review!

ZonGuru is a chrome extension that offers a variety of fantastic and helpful tools to help entrepreneurs with their research. ZonGuru makes it simple to create a product for a new niche, monitor keywords to better marketing, control the protection of your intellectual property, and optimize listing optimization. The ZonGuru chrome plugin might be the answer if you’re seeking for a faster approach to expand your Amazon company.

Continue reading our ZonGuru review to learn more about the many features available, price, and how ZonGuru compares to the competition.

What is the ZonGuru Chrome Extension and how does it work?

Entrepreneurs Jon Tilley and Adam Hudson came up with the idea for ZonGuru. They created this useful software tool in order to enhance the sales experience of company owners and entrepreneurs utilizing the Amazon marketplace. It automates the bulk of the research that goes into the marketing process, saving sellers a significant amount of time (and probably a few headaches as well).

A vendor may use ZonGuru to not just examine their business’s performance and strive toward improvement, but also to:

  • Conduct market research to determine how well their product is expected to perform in its target market.
  • Monitor the most popular search terms to optimize their marketing strategy.
  • Monitor their rivals’ performance.
  • Improve the optimization of their listings
  • Keep a watchful check on their intellectual property protection.
  • And more!

How much does ZonGuru set you back?

ZonGuru offers a number of flexible payment options so that customers may obtain the tools they need at the price they choose, without having to pay more for features they won’t use. Users may choose from three different alternatives, each of which offers a different set of functionality depending on the pricing point.

The Researcher Strategy

The lowest tier plan, The Researcher Strategy, is intended for use by those who are just starting out and looking for a product to promote. It gives subscribers access to the following tools:

  • Niche Locator
  • Niche Analyst
  • Spy on Sales
  • Love/Hate Calculator
  • On Fire Keywords
  • Optimizer for Keywords
  • Spotlight is a term that has a lot of different meanings.
  • Simple Source
  • Listing Booster

In the features section below, we’ll take a deeper look at these tools and what they perform. This package costs $39 per month or $288 per year if paid yearly. When you choose yearly billing, you save $15 each month.

The Seller’s Strategy

The mid-tier plan is called The Seller’s Strategy. This plan includes all of the benefits that come with The Researcher Strategy, in addition to the following tools:

  • Dashboard for Business
  • My Services
  • Orders I’ve Placed
  • Tracking Keywords
  • Product News
  • IP Surveillance
  • Email Autoresponder
  • Examine Automator

It costs $49 a month, or $456 when billed annually. The Seller’s Strategy is intended for an entry-level client who already has a product and a brand, but is looking to get more sales.

The Plus Package

The highest tier plan is The Plus Package, for advanced sellers. This plan includes all of the benefits of the other two, as well as the full suite of enterprise features. Billed at $199 a month, this is intended for large-scale businesses that are selling products in large quantities.

Each tier enables potential consumers to try the service for free for a short period before committing to a full month or year of service. Users may switch to a different tier at any time, including during their free trial term.

Business owners that utilize ZonGuru may also have access to a number of free materials on their website, as well as a discount or promotion from time to time.

What is the difference between ZonGuru and Jungle Scout?

So, where does ZonGuru stand in comparison to the competition? There are a variety of different software tools available that may assist Amazon sellers with product research, keyword statistics, listing optimization, and marketplace trend analysis. One of the most popular is Jungle Scout.

Both of these programs have the same general function. While this competition has a bigger user base and is generally less expensive, ZonGuru has a lot more capabilities and is probably better suited to Amazon sellers with significant sales volumes who want to employ more unique apps to help them expand quicker.

What Benefits Does ZonGuru Provide?

Let’s see how the ZonGuru software program may assist Amazon merchants and boost their expanding enterprises. We’ll go through how each tool works and how it might help entrepreneurs doing business on Amazon with product research, data analysis, and information collection.

Dashboard for Business

The Dashboard for Business is an important tool that can help Amazon sellers analyze data and track the performance of their brand or product. With this tool, Amazon sellers can see their brand’s sales history, overall worth, and any changes to this information over time. It’s also a good place to see data such as customer reviews and the net margins of specific products.

Niche Analyst

An important first step when getting started selling on Amazon is to investigate your niche to make sure your product has a good chance of doing well. The Niche Analyst tool can help you find information about your product’s chances of success without going away from the Amazon website and searching somewhere else. It condenses the relevant data into a rating based on your product’s projected success rate in a particular niche.

On Fire Keywords

This tool is perfect for keeping track of Amazon’s most popular keywords. It informs consumers when a term is popular as well as its rank. This allows users to determine whether or not a keyword is important, allowing them to adjust their marketing plan appropriately.

Email Autoresponder

The email automation tool is an important tool for staying in touch with your customers. Customers that are often contacted by your brand are more likely to remember it and return to buy more of your items. You may also send an email with a discount or special offer to attract that possible return client.

ZonGuru’s email automation tool will assist in streamlining this contact process by sending automated answers to purchasers as well as mass-sending pre-prepared emails according to your timetable.


The Love/Hate Calculator is the best way to determine the overall tone of the reviews for your product. It scans for keywords from Amazon reviews to see what customers have to say. This saves you the trouble of having to find and read reviews on your own and condenses the information into a “love” column and a “hate” column.

A bad product review’s keyword goes into the “hate” part, while a favorable product review’s keyword goes into the “love” area. This kind of in-depth review research provides a clear picture of your product’s expected performance.

Monitor of Intellectual Property

The IP Surveillance feature is the best way to manage your intellectual property. It notifies you if anything for which you have rights reserved has been compromised.

Spy on Sales

To keep track of the competition, this program employs real-time data. This is the most effective way for determining what improvements to make to your marketing strategy in order to stay on track for success.

Monitor the product

The Monitor the product tool is one of the best features. It uses new, real time data to track your product’s performance.

Additional Features

ZonGuru users will also find features such as the Listing Booster tool, Your Orders, user support, and more.


  • Payment options are flexible.
  • Ideal for large-scale companies
  • Many beneficial features
  • Discounts are possible.


  • Smaller customers may find this inconvenient.
  • There is no real-time technical assistance.

What’s the Final Word?

Overall, ZonGuru is a fantastic tool for market and product research, and it may save sellers a lot of time as they expand their company. While sellers may get more tools and features than they need or know what to do with, the ones they do receive will undoubtedly be useful.

Questions Frequently Asked

Let’s go over some Questions Frequently Asked. If others have asked them, chances are you may too.

What is the billing currency used by the ZonGuru Chrome Extension?

While ZonGuru is offered in numerous foreign markets, it is headquartered in the United States. As a result, all prices are stated in US dollars.

ZonGuru is available to which Amazon sellers?

In the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Europe, the ZonGuru Chrome addon is now accessible. ZonGuru and its accompanying tools should be accessible to Amazon merchants in these markets. The organization intends to extend its service area in the future to include India and Japan.

How can I link my Amazon seller account to ZonGuru?

With your Amazon Seller account, getting started with ZonGuru is simple. Simply click the “Connect” button on the ZonGuru interface, and a dialogue window with instructions should appear, guiding you through the setup procedure.

ZonGuru is a niche finder that helps you to find the perfect products for your specific needs. It will help you to identify what people are looking for and how much they’re willing to pay. Reference: zonguru niche finder.

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