How to Use Jungle Scout to Find Products to Sell on Amazon

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Amazon is one of the world’s largest online marketplaces, with more than 300 million active customers and over 90 million products to choose from. Jungle Scout has a tool that will help you find your niche so you can be sure not to miss out on any big sales opportunities.

Jungle Scout is a tool that allows users to find products to sell on Amazon. The tool uses data from the Amazon API, which can be accessed with a free trial account. With Jungle Scout, users can search for keywords and product categories, view sales rank history and more. Read more in detail here: how to find products to sell on amazon.

Amazon is one of the most successful enterprises of all time, and it’s designed in such a manner that other sellers and businesses may profit from it. It simplifies the marketing process by requiring sellers of goods to merely list their items and then doing the hard work in spreading the word.

What if you don’t yet have a product to sell? What if you have no idea what to sell? The success of Amazon’s business strategy is enough to make anybody want to establish a profitable company via its platform, and firms like Jungle Scout are now available to help merchants do it.

Look no further for instructions on how to utilize Jungle Scout to identify things to sell on Amazon. Here’s how we’ll break it down for you.

What is the Process of Jungle Scout?


Jungle Scout is a website dedicated to helping present and aspiring Amazon merchants advertise their items as effectively as possible. It examines a broad variety of “success” variables when it comes to selling on Amazon through its browser extension and app, including:

  • Database of products
  • Database of suppliers
  • Manager of inventory
  • Alerts
  • scout keyword
  • finder of opportunities
  • Builder of listings
  • Rank monitor
  • Launch of Jungle Scout

… to mention a few examples. All of them monitor the patterns and traffic of Amazon purchases in order to provide the best possible experience for Amazon merchants.

The data and analytics are gathered to tell Jungle Scout users about which goods are selling, which aren’t, what consumers want, which companies are outperforming others in the same category, and so on. With this platform, you’ll always be informed about market trends and patterns, as well as how they could affect your company.

Why Should You Use Jungle Scout?

Because of Amazon’s cultural and financial clout, becoming engaged in their business model is a sensible and profitable move. It exposes your company to the world’s biggest customer base, and Jungle Scout has created a system that performs all of the legwork for you.

Because of Amazon’s wide selection of items from across the world, keeping up with the website’s ins and outs may be difficult without a software application and a team of professionals to help. Jungle Scout makes the difficult portions simple and the simple parts worthwhile.

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Jungle Scout is available to anybody.

Jungle Scout is designed in such a manner that people and businesses of all sizes may easily browse their possibilities. Jungle Scout provides all the knowledge and tools you need, whether you’re selling on Amazon for the first time, have experience selling on Amazon, or are a huge brand seeking for more tips and techniques.

So, if you’re looking for new ways to make money, here’s how to utilize Jungle Scout to identify Amazon things to sell.

What Should I Do First?

To use Jungle Scout for all of your Amazon selling requirements, you must first download the extension and/or web app. This will speed up the process since Jungle Scout gathers and evaluates data using that program.

What Should You Keep an Eye Out For?

Let’s return to some basic economic concepts: supply and demand, to determine the chances of a successful product.


When determining what to sell, the current supply of a product is critical. Naturally, the less competition there is, the better. Customers are more likely to shop from other stores rather than you if there is greater competition.

To profit from a product, you need to select one that is not oversupplied. Of course, the only way to know is to look at the demand for it.



The demand for the product is one factor that has a significant impact on supply. For example, since the commencement of the COVID-19 epidemic, the number of face mask providers has grown dramatically, yet none of them has run out of clients since demand for face masks has grown exponentially as well.

Similarly, items that are in demand all year, not just during peak seasons, have a higher chance of long-term success. Products that are popular at certain periods of the year should still be offered since there is a need for them, but they should not be your exclusive source of revenue because they are less consistent.

Also, make sure that a product’s category isn’t dominated by a small number of companies—this might indicate an existing monopoly or a specific reason why that business makes that product, such as a distinctive and creative touch that sets it apart from the competition.

It’s regarded “in demand” and hence an excellent choice to sell if the top 10 sellers of a product can sell ten or more units each day. These data are shown by Jungle Scout to assist you in deciding what to sell.

How is the procedure simplified?

If you want to learn how to utilize Jungle Scout to identify Amazon items to sell, you need be aware of the features that make the process much simpler. It might be difficult to go through all of the different product concepts, but the web app is meant to make it easier.

Database of products

With Jungle Scout’s Database of products, you are able to comb through the whole of Amazon’s catalog, an inventory of hundreds of millions of products, and sort it by price, demand, seasonality, and more, so that you feel confident in narrowing down your options.

In fact, there are even more precise factors, such as amount of competition, range of returns on investment, poor quality vs. high quality items, and more, so you may traverse the data in the most efficient manner possible.

Its Database of products also supplies a FBA Profit Calculator so as to keep track of seller fees and overhead costs required with every product.

Tracker for Products

Once you’ve done that, you can save the products that you think might be a good fit in the Tracker for Products, which gives you more intimate details of their performance on a regular basis. If you’re on the fence about a product or multiple, you can archive them for later and track their progress through a period of time.

Also, Tracker for Products organizes your archived products by categories you customize, meaning you can separate products you’re more likely going to sell from others you’re less likely to sell, or any other parameters of your choosing.

Hunter of niches

Jungle Scout’s Hunter of niches is also an extremely helpful tool in tracking keyword traffic to analyze how specific products in respective niches perform on Amazon. Due to the global reliability of the website, it is responsible for selling an equally vast array of products—specific car parts, computational devices, hardware, furniture, clothing… the list is endless.

Product Comparisons Outside of Amazon

In addition, the Jungle Scout browser extension can analyze product details from any website to the marketing potential of related Amazon items. This implies that even online surfing may influence the things you choose to sell on Amazon, and the extension is meant to keep you up to date on your possibilities.

If you’re genuinely stuck for things to sell, check the Opportunity Scale, which ranks the catalogue products according to their best-selling potential.

A Weekly Newsletter About The Hunt

When you download Jungle Scout’s web app or browser extension, you’ll automatically be subscribed to The Hunt, Jungle Scout’s weekly newsletter.

The newsletter records and provides information about successful, perhaps undersold items ready to take off, so this is still another opportunity to find new, opportune things waiting to be sold on Amazon.

This is an excellent resource for individuals who are unsure where to begin, and it is updated frequently.

Jungle Scout Support is available 24/7.

Whatever your inquiry or worry, Jungle Scout is here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you overcome any obstacles you may encounter.

While the UI is user-friendly, online applications and extensions may still malfunction, but Jungle Scout is dedicated to providing help to its consumers at all times.

How Does Jungle Scout Dissect It?

You can always work your way backwards. Instead of sifting through the catalog to discover the perfect Amazon goods to sell, go to the Jungle Scout website and look up the characteristics of any current Amazon product to see how successful it is.

This feature is enabled via the web extension, which is a valuable resource. If you use the extension after searching for your keywords, you may get a lot of information about each product on Amazon. You should have instant access to the following resources:

  • Opportunity rating
  • Average sales position
  • Average feedback
  • Monthly sales average
  • The average cost

…of the items sold under that term, all of which should be able to represent the market’s performance in a visually appealing, user-friendly interface.

Furthermore, it is structured by product, so you may acquire information on each specific item, such as:

  • Brand
  • Price
  • Category
  • Rank
  • Sale
  • Revenue
  • Reviews
  • Rating
  • Score for Listing Quality (LQS)

… and more.

You can acquire all the information you need about items with the Jungle Scout browser extension and web app, allowing you to make the best selection possible.

How Do I Determine the Appropriate Price for My Product?

Jungle Scout can answer any price-related query you could have, including how your product compares to its Amazon rivals. Naturally, your price will play a significant role in your website’s success.

A perfect product costs between $25 and $50, since these are the things that are statistically the most sought after and purchased. As a result, pricing it inside this range is a good approach to get people to buy your product on a regular basis, and it’s a good idea to hunt for things in that price range. This price range is also wise since the items within it are often of a fair size and so do not need a large amount of storage space.

Also, your product’s pricing should be equivalent to how your competitors have priced their own products—enough to make a profit, but not so much that you’re seen as overpriced in comparison to other possibilities.

How would Jungle Scout assist me in my selling process after I’ve started?

The road does not stop once you begin selling your product(s) on Amazon. Keeping track of sales, income, and competition is an important part of running a successful company, and Jungle Scout has lots of tools to help you do just that.

The free Amazon sales estimate tool, for example, may compare your product’s BSR (or Best Seller Ranking) to that of your competitors.

Aside from sales, Jungle Scout provides a variety of information on Amazon. It explains how to become an Amazon affiliate and why it may be a successful business for you.

In conclusion

There is a variety of material available to sellers who want to learn how to utilize Jungle Scout to identify things to sell on Amazon.

Jungle Scout is a user-friendly website that helps any prospective Amazon seller acquaint themselves with their alternatives while also providing instructions on how to manage the process.

If you believe Jungle Scout is the best fit for you and your company, join up on its website right now! Simply by reading this post, you may save 50% on Jungle Scout. Click here to get your Jungle Scout coupon. This platform can provide you with all of the tools and information you want to expand your company enormously while selling on Amazon.

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