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The Forecastly review is one of the best tools available for Amazon Inventor Owners to manage their inventory. It’s an easy-to-use app that automates inbound and outbound shipping, tracks discounts on your Amazon account, and manages feedback from customers.

Forecastly is a new Amazon inventory management service that allows users to manage their products in the Amazon marketplace. This tool is unique because it also includes a mobile app that makes managing your inventory easy.

Have you seen the most recent Amazon news or are you searching for a Reviewing the Forecast? They now have a new inventory management system. The program assists Amazon warehouse merchants in keeping track of inventory across all of their locations. But how does it function? Is it effective? To discover out, we looked at Amazon’s new inventory monitoring tool.

What is Forecastly, exactly?

It aids Amazon merchants in keeping better track of their stock. It is one of the best Amazon softwares available, and it will help you, the seller, maintain track of merchandise that has sold out of the Amazon Fulfillment Center. A seller does not want to run out of goods at the Amazon fulfillment center for various reasons. The following are the reasons behind this.


Reviewing the Forecast

• There’s a chance that one of your goods is in an Amazon ‘Save for later’ basket. If the Amazon warehouse is out of stock on that item, you risk losing that consumer. When a seller’s inventory runs out, Amazon removes the item from the ‘Save for later’ basket. • When your product runs out of supply, it will fall down the Amazon ranking list. What exactly does it imply to you? It implies you’ll have to rely on promotions to get it going again. Running these campaigns will cost you money. So, you will lose potential sales from being out of inventory and more money when you run the sales. • As an Amazon seller, you benefit from free promotion on your behalf. Amazon strives to provide equal selling opportunities to all of its merchants. The firm will advertise the seller’s products. It relieves the stress of marketing budgets. If a vendor runs out of inventory, Amazon will no longer promote them. They may restart Amazon marketing on their behalf once they get new materials. • When Amazon sellers run out of things, they will almost certainly have a high ACoS when they restock. The reason is that it will take a little while for the sellers’ ads to warm up in the system. Their ACoS will begin to fall after the advertising have warmed up in the system.

Aside from avoiding running out of product, an Amazon seller also doesn’t want to have too much stock. Having too much inventory might raise the cost of storing their goods in an Amazon warehouse.

As an Amazon FBA seller, what can Forecastly do for me?

This program can help Amazon FBA sellers with four things. The following are the details.

• Sellers can make quick and accurate purchasing selections; they can eliminate accounting headaches; and they can grow their company with automation. • Suppliers provide better discounts to sellers.

Forecast and make quick and accurate purchasing choices. Moreover, the app allows you to view your whereabouts at a glance. The seller may see what has been sold. This will make it easy for the seller to restock any items that are about to sell out. Additionally, the seller may readily observe where they are in Amazon’s sales rankings. Amazon provides its merchants with a Buy Box. The seller may simply monitor what is happening in the purchase box using this program. The vendor will be able to see what the customers desire, and will be able to order and stock it accordingly.

The program makes accounting easier by allowing users to see their inventory at a glance. Cash flow may be simply tracked by sellers. They’ll figure out what’s holding their money hostage. Users of this program will get a snapshot of their Amazon inventory at the end of each month. It’s simple to see how much inventory they have on hand and how much they’ll need to reorder from the snapshot.

Scaling your company via automation—the program will completely automate your Amazon selling operation. How much of your merchandise is stored in Amazon warehouses will be automated. The seller may then devote more time to either their company or their personal life. They may be able to devote time to both. The crucial point is that sellers will have more time, regardless of how they use it.

Get better discounts from suppliers, and sellers can keep track of their inventory. When bargaining with their suppliers, this offers them an advantage. The key thing suppliers want to know is how much the seller’s inventory costs.

What are Forecastly’s Features and Benefits?

The program has four interesting characteristics. It is simple to own and learn because to the feature-rich software. These characteristics are as follows:

• Advanced replenishment statistics • Industry-leading demand forecasting • Inbound shipping tool • Account dashboard with insights

Advanced replenishment statistics—a seller on the Amazon marketplace or an FBA seller might benefit from this service. This function provides a full report on the seller’s inventory. The inventory is counted by the program. The vendor is aware of how much merchandise to restock. When the seller replaces stock, the program advises the user on the most efficient method of replenishment.

Demanding forecast is an industry-leading tool that allows consumers to easily have their stock projected. The user receives real-time results when the program anticipates the stock. They may specify how much they need and when they want it.

Users may utilize the incoming shipment tool to come to terms with all inbound shipments. They can handle Amazon and non-Amazon deliveries. Any Amazon merchant will find it beneficial. Users will find that utilizing this section of the program is simple. The software’s methodology makes reconciling shipments simple and efficient. It’s as simple as pressing a button.

Detailed account dashboard— There are a few advantages that consumers will discover using this software’s user-friendly panel. It will be simple for them to navigate.

There are a few perks that jump out, just as there are a few features that stand out in the software package. The following are the advantages:

• Fulfillment by Amazon inventory replenishment • Management of inbound shipments • Product analytics

Users may know precisely when to replace their inventory by utilizing the FBA inventory management feature of the platform. Users may use this feature to figure out when to refill inventory and how many units to order. It will increase their revenue. The strategy has been demonstrated to avoid stock outages.

Inbound shipping method—this feature allows users to see all of their inbound shipments. They’ll conduct an assessment of incoming accounting management.

Users may evaluate much of their data with the software’s additional advantage of product analytics. They are given data that breaks down sales to examine. This product appeals to sellers since it streamlines end-of-month accounting procedures. The application provides accurate inventory data and streamlines the process of counting your inventory and deducting what you still have from what you sold. There are plenty more essential details about this wonderful program.

Pricing in advance

The forecastly suite, with all of its excellent features and advantages, is priced differently. The price is divided into levels. Tier one pricing will benefit sellers who typically sell $3000 or less per month. The first-tier fee is $80 per month. This is the smallest bundle available.


You may want to try one of the competitors if you’re looking for something with a bit less of a monthly commitment. These may not have all of the features and advantages of this more costly software for inventory management.

The price will increase based on how much goods you take off the shelf each month. There are bespoke price packages available for sellers who generate more than twenty-five thousand sales each month. As a result, the more you sell, the more you’ll have to pay.

The good news is that this program was purchased by another firm in 2018. There have been several alterations since then. One difference is that the firm now provides a fourteen-day free trial. During the free trial, merchants may download and use the program without having to commit to a two-week payment plan. The merchant gets all of the advantages and features of the paying version without having to commit. When the two weeks are over, the vendor gives their credit or debit card information to the software firm. The vendor will pay for thirty days at that point.

Finally, the Forecastly program seems to be a good product to try for all Amazon merchants. The merchant has nothing to lose with the fourteen-day free trial. It seems to be worth a decent price for anybody selling at least 1,000 copies every month.


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