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There are two ways to get samples: you can either buy them, which is a more expensive and time-consuming process, or you can request them. Requesting samples not only saves money but also reduces the risk of counterfeit products entering your supply chain.

The “sample product request letter” is a document that must be completed before requesting samples from suppliers. The letter will include information about the company, the sample products needed and how much time it will take to receive them.

Everyone enjoys the notion of samples; they’re a great way to try out things you may want to purchase later.

It is critical to sample a product, particularly if you are a seller. It is well knowledge that placing large orders carries a significant risk.

As a result, testing the quality, durability, and other critical components of your items before selling them becomes crucial. 

A merchant gets several messages promoting free samples for their items in addition to requests for samples for their company.

This seller’s guide will teach you how to make sample requests to manufacturers and how to reply to them if you get them. To increase their sales, Amazon merchants should master these tips of the trade.

Is it possible to acquire samples from Amazon?


Yes, you can certainly find some of the greatest samples on Amazon.

The method of getting samples, however, varies from seller to vendor. Because Amazon is a two-way marketplace, both merchants and buyers may gain from it.

We’ve broken out how Amazon merchants and Amazon purchasers may both receive samples from this site in the sections below.

As a vendor on Amazon,

If you’re a new seller, Amazon is a good place to start. Because you’ll be purchasing in large quantities, you’ll need an Amazon Business account.

Some of the greatest manufacturers provide top-notch items at reasonable costs on our B2B marketplace. You may get in touch with them and ask for a price or samples. 

If you’re a seller looking for a product, we strongly advise you to expand your supplier alternatives.

You should call multiple platforms to acquire the greatest things at the best price since you are on a hunch to locate the best product for your listing. Using just one platform, such as Alibaba, might restrict your possibilities. 

As a loyal customer,

Regular customers may acquire samples for a variety of items from Amazon. Amazon, for example, created a program called Prime Samples in 2018.

This initiative allowed all Prime members to shop samplers before purchasing a real item. The money you spent on samplers was instantly credited to your Amazon Credit, thereby making the samples free. 

Unfortunately, Amazon terminated this service due to abuse. However, you may still get samples of skincare, beauty, food, health, and other things for a reasonable price.

Another option to acquire samples from companies to review is via Amazon Vine. Because it is an invitation-only program, you must be a good and active reviewer to get accepted.

For Amazon Sellers: How to Request Samples


Sample requests are an art, and if you underwhelm or overload any source, your chances of acquiring samples drop dramatically.

Here are some important things to keep in mind while obtaining samples. 

Direct communication

Direct communication is an excellent way to present your offer to the supplier. You will often come across various contact numbers and email ids for sellers and suppliers to contact.

You may ask about the product directly with the provider. Remember to clarify your understanding of the samples. You cannot place a large order without first inspecting the merchandise.

The majority of providers agree to send samples for a certain charge. Typically, these costs are exorbitant. The exorbitant price instantly separates serious purchasers from those who aren’t. Although the final cost may be far cheaper, you must pay during the first period.

To minimize misinterpretation, always make your message clear and succinct. If you’re seeking samples, please include the following information in your letter:

  • A minimum amount of goods you’re referring to
  • Your delivery address
  • The total number of product samples you’d like to get
  • Customization possibilities
  • A clear statement stating that you are specifically requesting product samples

A prototype example 

Request for a Product Sample of Children’s Toys

Hi There,

I’m contacting you on behalf of ABC Solutions/Company, and my name is XYZ. We’re searching for a reputable manufacturer to assist us in purchasing and developing children’s toys for the UK market. As a result, we would be grateful if you could offer answers to the following questions.

1. What are your general customizing policies?

2. Could you email us samples from each of your children’s lines?

3. How long do your deliveries usually take?

Please respond as soon as possible; I eagerly await your response.


This template may be used by Amazon sellers to contact manufacturers on various platforms directly. We recommend making the message short and simple to read.

Most vendors will disregard an email with concerns and queries. Instead, send your questions by email or schedule a call for continuous communication.

Points to remember while obtaining samples

  • Make sure you’re not reliant on a single vendor. Because this will be your major product, make contact with as many vendors as possible. There will be a significant quality, price, and time difference amongst all vendors. You may compare the vendors when you get your samples and choose a winner. The expense is the only major disadvantage of this method. Because you’ll be contacting a large number of vendors, it’ll be expensive at first.
  • As previously stated, samples may be rather costly. A supplier may charge $50-60 for a single model, while the total unit price for 400 units may be as little as $4. This is a strategy used by suppliers to keep non-serious buyers away. However, if you ask your suppliers to offset the sample payment amount from your first purchase, you may still acquire the samples for free. Keep in mind that most providers will waive the sample fee if you make a substantial purchase.
  • For simplicity of communication, transmit schematics and product requirements to a supplier for bespoke items. Request that the supplier submit both the original and modified items for quality assurance.
  • To save money on duty, have your supplier identify the sample as “Of No Commercial Value.”
  • To distinguish all the samples from various vendors, make sure each product has a business name tag and a model number.
  • It is advised to steer clear from providers that make excuses for not supplying samples. You may undoubtedly come across such vendors, so be cautious before placing your purchases. 

Samples and reviews


As a vendor on Amazon,, you must have come across various emails by customers asking for free samples.

Free reviews are one of the oldest tactics in the book, but if done right, you may get a lot more for your money.

If you’re a new seller, let us introduce you to the ‘Samples and Reviews Strategy.’ When you put your new items on Amazon, you’ll start getting requests for free samples in return for reviews.

Both sides obtain something in exchange that benefits them both. If you’re a new vendor, keep an eye out for these prospects.

Is it necessary for Amazon vendors to respond to the request?

This is a seller-dependent inquiry. We ask that you pay careful attention to the request.

Because of the reviews, these demands may assist you in launching your product. Because customers like items with positive ratings, you should start your listing by giving them free samples in return for honest feedback. 

When your page has no reviews or ratings, this method might be effective. It’s best to ignore such demands after you start obtaining organic evaluations.

For starters, this is a viable marketing strategy for obtaining evaluations. Check the person’s account and past reviews before you start mailing the samples. To accomplish this more responsibly, Amazon vendors may register on Amazon Vine. 

Enrollment is simple:

  • Click on ‘Advertising’ in your Amazon Seller Central. To begin the procedure, choose the ‘Vine’ option.
  • If your brand is properly registered, you will find an option to “Enroll In Amazon Vine.” You should see a box asking for your ASIN after clicking. 
  • Fill out the form and click ‘Start Enrollment.’ Within a few days, Amazon will keep you informed about the option.


As a new seller, we hope you found our post on obtaining samples to be useful.

As mentioned in the opening, we attempted to cover all instances in which an Amazon seller can come across’samples,’ whether you ask your suppliers or a client requests one. 

Even experienced Amazon sellers have to go through these steps in order to run a profitable company. To summarize, get samples to obtain a firsthand look at your proposed product.

Then, to ensure an error-free transaction, follow our instructions and suggestions. Finally, participate in Amazon-sponsored programs like Amazon vines or be creative with your marketing strategy to improve your reviews.

Finally, you should constantly endeavor to sell high-quality items to Amazon shoppers.


Alibaba is a Chinese company that sells products from suppliers. Alibaba also has a sample request template that can be used to source products from suppliers. Reference: alibaba sample request template.

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