How To Get Approval To Sell Toys On Amazon in 2023

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Amazon is looking for new products to sell on their platform, and sellers have a difficult time making it onto the site. While many of Amazon’s policies are strict and complex, there has been success through smart product insights, pricing & promotions that can’t be found anywhere else.

The “how to get approved to sell clothing on amazon” is a question that many people are asking. Amazon has strict guidelines for sellers, but there are ways to get approval.

Isn’t it true that the Christmas season is constantly approaching? Hunting out that must-have toy is a common part of finding the ideal gift, and the market appears to be continually increasing.

This gives a lot of opportunities for a smart company owner. And there are few venues better than Amazon for accessing a large client base.

However, selling toys on Amazon isn’t as straightforward as you may think. Although Christmas toys are major business in eCommerce, you must be permitted to sell them on Amazon. For the enthusiastic seller, this lengthy procedure is a stumbling hurdle.

But don’t let it deter you! If you’re prepared to put in the work, you’ll find yourself in a market with a lot of promise. And although receiving permission takes time, the earnings more than make up for it. To learn more, read this guide.

What Are Restricted Categories on Amazon?

When you’re browsing Amazon, it might seem as though everything is on sale. While this opens up a world of possibilities for a smart company owner, there are certain limitations to be aware of.

Restricted Products vs. Restricted Categories

A restricted or gated category is one in which a seller must first be authorized before being allowed to offer things.

These approvals are usually for the seller’s performance to confirm the quality (and authenticity) of the item being sold. Watches, jewelry, collectable coins, and fine art are examples of limited categories.

Restricted items are distinct. Restricted goods are those that can’t be sold on Amazon for whatever reason. If you’re detected selling a forbidden item, your account may be canceled and your listing deleted.

What Are The Restrictions On Toys And Games?

Any vendor may list Toys and Games throughout the majority of the year. But you’ll need clearance for the wonderful fourth quarter of the year (Q4).

Sellers go to Amazon throughout the Christmas season in the hopes of profiting from the lucrative toy sector. And, although you may be doing all you can to maintain the best level of service, not everyone else is.

Most of us have dealt with a shady vendor and experienced unfulfilled purchases, bad items, and shipment delays.

Which implies there might be a lot of disgruntled clients when the holidays arrive. Toy sales skyrocket in the fourth quarter. Amazon must have faith in the individuals who receive these orders to complete them.

Amazon requires confirmation that you can operate a clean company in order for this to happen. The limits on toys and games aren’t necessarily intended to deter vendors. Instead, they’re supposed to raise the Amazon brand’s quality.

Checking Which Categories You’re Allowed To Participate In

Check to see whether you’re already approved to sell toys on Amazon before you start attempting to gain permission.

Go to Seller Central to see whether you may sell toys on Amazon. Log in to your account and choose ‘Inventory.’ Then go to ‘Add a Product’ and ‘Selling Application Status.’ This will display the categories in which you have been granted permission to sell.

Only orders that are FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) during Q4 are subject to the toy selling limits. The limits are irrelevant if your company is FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon).

How to modify the Amazon product category.

How To Get Amazon Approval To Sell Toys

Don’t be frightened off by the prospect of approvals; a solid firm should be authorized automatically regardless. Amazon has no desire to have its sellers jump through hoops. Instead, they merely want to ensure that the greatest individuals are employed to satisfy consumers.

And you are the finest individual if you are handling your eCommerce company correctly.

The specific criterion for selling toys on Amazon during the fourth quarter might vary from year to year. The following are the general guidelines:

  • Before September of that year, you must have completed your first order as an Amazon seller. It was not required to be in the “Toys and Games” category.
  • Between August and October of that year, at least 25 seller-fulfilled orders had to be processed and sent.
  • Between September and October of the same year, your pre-fulfillment cancel rate must not exceed 1.75 percent.
  • For the same period (September and October), your late shipping rate must not exceed 4%.
  • As of October, your order fault rate must be less than one percent.

The precise dates for these needs will change year to year.

To evaluate how close you are to making the cut, look at your customer metrics and performance report.

Markets have different criteria. Please double-check that you’re authorized in each location if you want to sell internationally.

These limitations apply only to sales of toys and games in the fourth quarter. Toys must also adhere to federal, state, and municipal safety regulations.

Only orders that are fulfilled by the vendor need approval. Similarly, seller-fulfilled orders are the sole method to get approval. When applying for authorisation to sell in Q4, FBA orders will not count towards your metrics.

The measure includes sales in categories other than toys and games. So don’t be concerned if your toy company takes a long time to take off. All of your other items will still work in your favor.

The greatest approach to guarantee you can sell is to operate a successful firm and monitor your KPIs. Check the status of your account on a regular basis, including consumer comments and ratings.

By doing so, you’ll avoid a rude surprise if you’re prevented from generating sales at the most profitable moment.

If You Can’t Get Approval, What Should You Do?

If you’ve been denied permission to sell toys, you’re just left with a few possibilities. It’s possible that the only thing you can do now is reassess your firm and make any required modifications in order to compete next year.

You may get a decent notion of what you need to accomplish by looking at the criteria for various toys.

Alternatively, you might try switching up the categories. Some things that are classified as “Toys and Games” may also be classified as “Sports and Outdoors.”

It’s possible that thinking outside the box is the greatest way to get through this Christmas season.

If you do decide to attempt new categories, be cautious. Customers may react negatively to items posted in the incorrect category. If you can’t fulfil orders in time for the holidays, you can find it difficult to be authorized the next year.

It’s possible that your newly launched eCommerce firm hasn’t been around long enough. Start learning with this Q4. Keep an eye out for patterns, what draws buyers in, and which merchants are advancing up the lists.

If you’ve left things too late this year, now is the time to start thinking about next year.


At first, the need for authorisation to sell toys may seem frightening. However, there is no need to jump through hoops. Instead, if you can demonstrate that you have a solid and dependable company, you will most likely be able to sell.

Maintaining your company allows you to take advantage of the year’s most lucrative quarter. Throughout the year, keep an eye on your metrics to ensure you don’t go below the selling line.

All that’s left is to get your stuff in and start generating money.

The “selling toys on amazon” is a process that can be difficult to go through. There are many steps involved and it will take time before you’re able to sell your toys on Amazon in 2022.

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