Why Are My Amazon Reviews Not Showing Up?

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It is essential that people know what they’re purchasing and how it will affect them. Amazon reviews help consumers make informed decisions before making purchases, whether online or in a brick-and-mortar store. However, some products are missing their negative feedback from users who purchased the items as advertised on Amazon (or elsewhere).

Amazon reviews can take up to 24 hours to show up. If your review has not shown up yet, it may be because you have a new account or that the product is still in transit. You will also need to make sure that your Amazon profile is public before waiting for the reviews to appear.

Let’s pretend you’ve just launched a new Amazon product. You’ve logged in to check out your sales and see how people react to your goods. You go to browse your Amazon reviews, but they aren’t showing up.

The reviews are not appearing. What happened to them?

We’ll be delving more into this peculiar phenomena today. You’ll discover what it looks like when Amazon reviews don’t appear, why it occurs, how to download reviews, and how to avoid it from occurring again.

What Are Amazon Reviews and How Important Are They?


Amazon reviews are crucial for both customers and merchants on the site. 

When a prospective consumer searches for a product on Amazon and chooses one of the options, the site will take them to that product’s listing. The listing includes information that will help the client better comprehend the product. This information covers details such as product size, material, and specific characteristics. 

Customers may also browse product reviews by scrolling down the listing. These are user-generated postings, so the feedback is from actual purchasers. 

Unsolicited user material ranks higher for a variety of reasons, all of which have an influence on your seller status and branding. So, what are these factors, and why are they significant?

Let’s get down to business.

Amazon reviews are used by buyers to learn more about products.

Customers use reviews to assess a product before purchasing it since they cannot personally see it. They want to know that they’re receiving exactly what they desire. Customers may learn about other people’s experiences with a product by reading comments from other Amazon purchasers.

At the same time, customers develop a feeling of belonging. Purchasers may use the review area to discuss and resolve issues with other buyers and the vendor.

Amazon Customer Reviews Set a High Bar

When it comes to product reviews, Amazon has always emphasized the reliability of its user input. They have high expectations for user content. As a consequence, paid reviewer postings have a low tolerance among them.

Amazon reviews raise the bar for goods and services by focusing on the customer experience. The consumers’ expectations and desires for a listed item are the source of these criteria.

As a seller, reviews may help you rank higher.

Sellers need reviews since their rankings on search sites are determined by them. 

Generally speaking, the better your comments and reviews are, the higher your product will rank and the more sales you will make.

The rating is particularly notable for high-tech, expensive things. The more costly something is, the more time a customer will spend interacting with it before deciding whether or not to buy it.

You Can Get Market Insights From Reviews

To develop your items and advertise them to customers, you must undertake detailed market research as an Amazon seller. You may use Helium 10 to obtain Amazon reviews of your own product or to spy on the competitors.

Let’s imagine you want to add a new product to your store. You should first look at the product’s reviews. You may then completely launch the product while carrying out your investigation.

Product reviews on Amazon are a great method to get feedback from your consumers. Take notice of their passions and listen to their worries as you develop acceptable answers. 

Analyzing consumer evaluations and reviews can assist you figure out what is and isn’t working.

The Conclusion

The following are just a few examples of how customer reviews improve the purchasing experience for consumers and the marketing process for sellers. 

However, if reviews vanish, all of these criteria are jeopardized.

Now that we know what’s at risk when reviews vanish, let’s look at how they vanish and why they vanish in the first place.

Why Aren’t Amazon Reviews Appearing?

You are not alone if you have observed that your reviews are vanishing. Thousands of Amazon vendors have been impacted by this problem.

We get a lot of our knowledge on the topic from merchants who freely and regularly discuss it. According to this community-sourced information, reviews have been vanishing because they:

Blocked Testimonials

A block review indicates that Amazon has blocked people from leaving reviews for your product. Users will be informed that they are not permitted to post a review on Amazon. Blocked postings are often difficult to see.

You’re unlikely to hear about reviews being removed from your product listing as a vendor. Instead, you learn about barriers from people who tell you about them.

Review bans are normally just temporary and disappear after a certain period of time. Amazon may sometimes ban particular postings, such as those that have yet to be verified.

Reviews are scarce.

You may also encounter a restriction on the amount of reviews that may be left on your listing. The amount of reviews you may have varies, but it’s normally around 3-5. 

Unverified Customer Reviews are often the blame for this problem. This restriction is almost always transitory.

Deleted Customer Reviews

Blocked and Reviews are scarce. prevent users from publishing new ones. Deleted Customer Reviews are another story. When this happens, it means that Amazon has removed posts already published elsewhere. 

It’s possible that the vendor has re-posted nice reviews to raise their ratings, or that the user has re-posted the same feedback. To avoid value inflation, Amazon will delete recycled postings. This sort of disruption and re-posting may be detrimental to well-known companies.

What is causing this?

The three sorts of interference that may occur with your evaluations have been described. That doesn’t explain why it’s occurring, however. Unfortunately, Amazon isn’t always forthcoming with the reasons behind its decisions. However, a few patterns have formed that provide us with information.

Amazon Notices a Change in Reviewing Pattern

Amazon employs specialized technologies to track user activity on their site. Its algorithm will sometimes notice activities that it considers abnormal. It may flag a listing for “abnormal reviewing behavior,” resulting in a hold until the problem is rectified. 

This algorithm searches for the following trends:

  • In a post, suspicious terminology was utilized.
  • Unverified Customer Reviews in huge numbers
  • The number of reviews has increased significantly.

Suspicious Phrases

What does Suspicious Phrases look like in a fake review? Well, it might consist of repeated phrases, especially phrases that appear in other posts around the same time. The wording might be awkward or look like it’s trying to boost sales blatantly.

Unverified Customer Reviews

This issue is a common one for sellers. If you receive Unverified Customer Reviews in huge numbers, it may spell trouble. Verified posts come from buyers who bought the product on Amazon and paid the full price for it.

Unverified Customer Reviews come from buyers who either didn’t purchase the product through Amazon or received a discount for buying a product and leaving feedback. Discounts are an important indicator because they suggest that the reviewer has received an incentive to leave positive user feedback.

The Number of Reviews Has Increased

Amazon’s algorithm notices when a seller has an uptick in reviews and may flag them as a result. This issue is especially common if the massive The Number of Reviews Has Increased happened in a short amount of time. If all the new, positive posts pour in for a product in the span a few days or a week, it could indicate an outside force pushing for feedback on a deadline.

Reviews are being removed from accounts.

You may be dealing with erased accounts if you discover that some of your reviews are just vanishing. This issue arises when Amazon bans and deletes people who have previously posted reviews on your listing.

As a consequence, Amazon will remove all posts made by the banned user, including those about your product. If it is discovered that purchasers are engaged in illicit reviewer behavior, the eCommerce giant may delete their accounts.

This cause of Deleted Customer Reviews is incredibly frustrating for many sellers. Even if you do everything right on your side, you still lose the positive feedback because of the buyer’s actions.

Accounts are not allowed to leave reviews.

If you are experiencing Blocked Testimonials, the block may be due to the account trying to give feedback rather than your product listing.

When this occurs, Amazon will send the reviewer some usual messages. If the following conditions are met, the platform may restrict an account from writing a review:

  • A conflict of interest exists because the account is linked to that product in some manner.
  • A accusation of unauthorized reviewing activity has been filed against the account.
  • Other prerequisites for leaving reviews are not met by this account.

How Can I Safely Request Reviews?


As an Amazon seller, you have no constraints on requesting for feedback from your customers. However, if you pay individuals for comments or ask them for a review in an unethical manner, Amazon may take action against you.

You may ask purchasers for honest comments on your goods via Buyer-Seller Messaging. You may accomplish this manually or with the help of an automated program.

It’s critical to remember the following rules when asking for verified purchase reviews:

  • You can’t solicit for a good review or indicate that the review should be positive. To best help other customers, Amazon reviews should be truthful. You shouldn’t be concerned about negative criticism if your product is of high quality.
  • You cannot urge the customer to remove or amend a bad review if you get one.
  • You, your family, and your workers should not talk about your own or your competitors’ goods on social media.
  • In return for a review, do not give refunds, discounts, free items, or any other type of remuneration.

Whether you’re not sure if your actions are in compliance with Amazon’s rules, read the guidelines carefully or speak with a marketplace representative.

How to Keep Your Reviews Safe

We’ve gone through some of the most common reasons for missing Amazon reviews. Even while missing and banned postings are sometimes beyond a seller’s control, there are steps you may do to avoid them. Consider the following procedures to safeguard your valuable reviews:

Follow the Rules

It is vital to operate in a clean and safe manner in any business. That involves following Amazon’s review guidelines.

It’s preferable to stay away from any black or grey hat tactics. Offer no money or reimbursements to reviewers, and don’t urge them to change a poor review. Obtaining a copy of Amazon’s review criteria and familiarizing yourself with them would be beneficial. To help acquire product reviews, you may utilize Amazon’s request a review button.

Requests for review should be completed at reasonable intervals.

Because a sudden surge in reviews may result in a flag, it’s recommended to send user feedback requests in batches rather than all at once.

You may avoid a dramatic rise in feedback submissions that will draw Amazon’s notice by spreading out your requests. If you stretch out your requests across a few days, you may still achieve comparable results.

Take part in Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program.

The Amazon Early Reviewer Program is one approach to get reliable reviews. This initiative aids in the establishment of new vendors and their items on the marketplace.

Buyers who post fresh product reviews on Amazon are given minor incentives. This tool is not free, but it will assist you in creating a few solid articles that the platform will not erase. You must be a Brand Registered vendor to participate in the program.

Multiple Platforms to Sell Your Products

Selling your stuff on sites other than Amazon is a wonderful idea. Amazon is an incredible resource. However, if your product reviews deteriorate for whatever reason, it’s safer to have additional marketing choices.

To sell your things online, create a website or utilize a platform like Shopify. Additionally, make an attempt to generate your own traffic using social media and email marketing.


Amazon is a large internet retailer. It will assist you in your development, but it might also be daunting. On the marketplace, there are still some merchants and buyers that engage in unethical business methods. Amazon continues to remove them, but your reviews may suffer from time to time.

However, you should have no problems selling your items on the site as long as you do so securely and responsibly. It’s difficult to deal with lost postings, but you can generally get beyond them. In certain cases, directly addressing the problem with Amazon may result in a resolution. So, keep selling and gaining faith in your product reviews.

does amazon notify you when your review is posted” is a question that many people have been asking about. Amazon does not notify users when their reviews are posted, but they do notify them if the review is removed or edited.

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