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Zonblast is a new project on the block, aiming to raise funds for it through an ICO. Viral Launch aims to achieve the same goal without any ICO or blockchain involvement. Through this comparison I will explore what makes Zonblast and Viral Launch different from one another and assess which of these two projects may be a better choice for investors seeking similar returns with lower risk.,

The first thing you should ask yourself as an Amazon FBA seller before launching a product is, “How can I stand out from the crowd?” Because there is a considerable mass of Amazon vendors there.

It’s not simply about who can make the most noise on Amazon or who has the most attractive product picture. Your success is contingent on completing your homework and saying the correct things.

Keywords should be optimized. Knowing what will be lucrative before it gets profitable and providing coupon coupons for your launch are all chevalier cheval chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier cheval

So, how do you know all of this? How can you ensure that you rank above your competition and get the most out of your launch campaign?

Use Market Intelligence Tools Wisely

With analytic tools, determining whether to go all-in on an Amazon product launch and when to bail is considerably simpler. Amazon merchants utilize services like Zonblast and Viral Launch to better study their competitors and improve their product rankings on Amazon.

Which is Better for a Product Launch: Zonblast or Viral Launch?

So, which is more appropriate for your launch? In this comparison, we’ll examine the features of Zonblast and Viral Launch.

We’ll look into Zonblast’s unique features and examine why it’s such a popular service among large-scale Amazon merchants. We’ll examine the services’ efficacy for a smaller Amazon seller and see whether Viral Launch offers superior strategic tips for private label businesses.

Finally, we’ll analyze prices to assist you figure out which platform would best help your company thrive in a competitive industry. Let’s get started.

What exactly is Zonblast?


Zonblast was launched in 2014 by a group of Amazon investors looking to expand their reach and build their businesses. They created the software that would later become Zonblast at this time.

Many Amazon merchants choose this market research platform, which was rebranded as Sixleaf in 2016. Features include:

  • Keyword investigation
  • Using ‘blasts’ to launch a new Amazon product
  • Variable distribution of sales
  • Integration with the rest of the Sixleaf suite

Let’s take a look at Zonblast’s services and see how they can help with a product launch.

Product Launch Tool by Zonblast: Blasts

The instrument that gives Zonblast its name is a tool that helps customers to improve their product listings and determine if they can benefit from further investment. To complement launch initiatives, Zonblast provides different sorts of blasts:

Solo Battle

Sellers with a large inventory will use this method to ‘test the waters.’ It boosts a single product listing in one category and lets you to see how successful Zonblast is in other categories or niches.

Blast Wave 4

If you’re selling online for the long haul, this method may help you gauge client interest in a product by increasing its rating for four days in a row. It aids in increasing sales and expanding your company while considering the long-term viability of selling in a niche.

Blast Wave 7

This option, too, enhances your product rating for seven days. This might help you obtain a competitive advantage in the industry if you want to develop your brand as the finest business for a particular product.


This program works in tandem with Amazon’s algorithm to keep your goods relevant and at the top of the page. This is perfect for platforms wishing to create a long-term presence in the Amazon marketplace.

Keyword Analysis Software by Zonblast

This component of the platform allows users to undertake the crucial keyword analysis. When it comes to deciding which product will be number one, Amazon utilizes the A9 algorithm, which is the same method that Google uses. You must comprehend the code utilized to rank items online if you wish to break the code to success.

Launching with Data

Email marketing and depending only on Facebook advertisements are no longer viable options. Product photos and even customer reviews are just as crucial as keywords.

Brands that don’t have access to a platform with good Keyword investigation software will fall behind in search rankings and sales. This is especially true of long-tail keywords.

Data analysis that provides access to relevant long-tail keywords is a successful tactic for Amazon FBA private label merchants. Many Zonblast fans believe this to be one of the platform’s finest features.

Distribution of Variable Codes

If you know how to utilize coupon codes, they may be a successful approach. As part of a single-day product marketing plan, ZonBlast allows you to create a successful discount campaign employing advertisements.

If you’re releasing many goods in various categories online, employing advertisements for a discount campaign will help you sell more things to your clients. A coupon approach may also assist platforms that want to sell huge amounts of product in quick bursts.

Zonblast Pricing & Verdict: Which Platforms Benefit from Zonblast?

Zonblast has received a lot of excellent feedback, particularly as it can be utilized with other Sixleaf tools. It has a lot of cool features and is a great platform for bigger Amazon FBA merchants with a lot of resources.

Nothing in life is free, and Zonblast is no exception for small businesses. The service’s cost puts it out of reach for the ordinary Amazon FBA company, and the software might be scary for those who haven’t sold on Amazon before.

Zonblast is one of the greatest solutions for launching an Amazon product utilizing data analysis and other outstanding features like discount distribution if your company has the means to support it.

Now let’s continue with the comparison and look at another data-driven Amazon seller tool: Viral Launch versus Zonblast.

What exactly is a viral launch?


Viral Launch is an Amazon product launch tool that enables customers to utilize data to evaluate industry trends and get a better understanding of market intelligence. It enables the interested party to look for their competitors and learn how to increase sales and get ahead of the competition.

Viral Launch’s key characteristics include:

Let’s take a closer look at these aspects.

Top Sellers from the Viral Launch

This feature is really simple to use and access. It gives an overview of Amazon’s best-selling items and estimates sales statistics for upcoming product releases.

Personalized label Amazon merchants that use Viral Launch may use the data in this tool to develop their online campaigns. Coupon promotions or email marketing to raise brand awareness are examples of this.

It may save up a lot of time that you might have spent performing web research, time that you can now use toward more extensive marketing.

Viral Launch Keyword investigation

The keyword tool is one of the platform’s most valuable features. It analyzes data and determines the most effective keywords to enhance your marketing initiatives and increase sales.

The Viral Launch keyword function is one of the most powerful and user-friendly keyword analysis tools available. This solution backs up the Viral Launch platform’s reputation for accessibility and assistance for smaller Amazon merchants without compromising in-depth research.

Market Trends for Viral Launches

Again, with Viral Launch, simple is wonderful. The market trends page, which offers information on the sales patterns of Amazon’s top sellers as well as the best-selling goods, may be accessed with a single click.

This enables you to figure out how to compete with the larger platforms, such as altering your price or conducting a discount campaign to boost sales. This tool gives you free insights into the activity of other Amazon selling platforms, allowing you to go ahead of them.

If you want to succeed as an Amazon FBA seller, you’ll need this type of knowledge. Finding out what’s popular is as easy as sending an email using Viral Launch.

Product Discovery Viral Launch

You may use this tool to look for a product using multiple criteria including brands, categories, and keywords. Based on the cost of sourcing and the current online pricing, you may determine which items your firm should be offering in real time.

Viral Launch enables you to change rapidly and maintain constant company development. As an Amazon private label merchant, finding the appropriate Amazon product at the right time will set you apart.

Viral Launch is one of the finest strategies for smaller sellers since buying at a cheap price may free up resources to help you support the rest of your company.

Market Research on Viral Launches

You may use the market intelligence tool to look for information about where your product fits in the market. It provides users with information on where to market their goods and who their target audience should be.

This feature works well when used in conjunction with the Product Discovery Viral Launch feature.


Viral Launch’s product discovery tool is accessible in markets in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Canada, Mexico, and Japan.

Is a Viral Launch Effective in India?

While the market intelligence component is accessible in India, the Viral Launch product discovery service is now unavailable.

Pros and Zonblast’s disadvantages vs. Viral Launch

Both services offer a number of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s compare and contrast the two.

Zonblast’s Advantages

  • Excellent analysis of long-tail keywords
  • Innovative blasting capabilities
  • Distribution of Variable Codes enables swift, effective campaigns
  • Sixleaf suite support

Zonblast’s disadvantages

  • Expensive
  • New users may be intimidated by the UI.

Benefits of a Viral Launch

  • Very simple to use
  • The low cost helps to free up resources.
  • Excellent research
  • Simple competitor comparisons
  • Easily accessible

The Drawbacks of a Viral Launch

  • Sales predictions are occasionally overestimated.
  • While it is inexpensive, it is not free!

Other Parallels

Viral Launch vs Zonblast: Discussion & Verdict

While we like Zonblast’s scope, we find it to be too expensive for small firms. Zonblast, on the other hand, is an excellent approach for an established seller to preserve their solid position and improve on it with top-notch research.

It’s also less user-friendly than Viral Launch, which has a user interface that even the least tech-savvy FBA marketers would appreciate.

Both are wonderful venues for assisting you in launching profitable products and increasing Amazon sales. We’re going to opt for Viral Launch because of its user-friendly design and the fact that, despite its inexpensive pricing, it doesn’t skimp on quality. Today, use Viral Launch to improve your FBA Amazon company.